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Developed by a biochemist, Naked Leaf™ employs pure plant-based ingredients blended together into unique compounds designed to interact with your skin at the cellular level. All of our products include just 12 essential ingredients or fewer. We don’t believe in “fairy dusting,” the addition of tiny amounts of many ingredients just to claim they’re included. Instead, we aim to use the most influential amount of each ingredient to maximize its potential. 


Every Naked Leaf™ cream utilizes essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins designed to infiltrate the cell structure, helping to promote skin protection from the inside out before environmental toxins can wreak havoc. Our preemptive approach to skincare creates impactful and beautiful results that can be seen and felt after minimal use.

Let's talk science.

Are you getting naked with products that just leave you feeling dirty afterwards?

Naked Leaf™ leaves you feeling clean, safe and protected. Our skincare products go beyond typical organic or all natural classifications. Naked Leaf™ is a CLEAN beauty product. So what does “clean” mean? Clean Beauty means that no manufactured synthetics are added to any product. Plant ingredients are used exclusively in every one of our products. We hand pick the source of each ingredient to ensure that our creams are formulated with 100%  GMO FREE materials. The integrity of our raw materials is what separates us in the crowded skincare arena. We don’t compromise and neither should you! 

Skin Science 101


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Behind the leaf...

Botanicals have been the root of medicine for thousands of years. Their soothing and reparative qualities still exist. Naked Leaf Skincare is returning to those natural basics. When combined properly, botanicals have the ability to combat the environmental toxins we all encounter on a daily basis. And when our skin encounters this natural “food” it can benefit from it in a myriad of ways.

Essential Acids


Oleic Acid

Commonly found in olive oil, enhances skin permeability, making absorption of vitamins and nutrients faster and easier. It is found in all Naked Leaf creams and lotions, hydrating the skin and allowing it to receive the benefits of the product faster.

Eicosenoic Acid

An omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid. It is the dominant component of jojoba oil, which is very similar to our bodies’ naturally produced oils or sebum. When we repeatedly  wash away these necessary oils, we dry out our skin and cause premature aging. By adding it back through Naked Leaf Face Cream, skin will locks in the moisture it craves. 

Lauric Acid

A medium chain saturated fatty acid commonly found in coconut oil. Naked Leaf uses pure virgin oil as it is not fractionated and therefore maintains its therapeutic properties. Normally we hear “saturated fat” and our reaction is to stay far away, but lauric acid is unique. Skin benefits from its strong antibacterial properties that naturally treat acne breakouts without the redness, peeling and dryness of commercial acne treatments.


GMOs in skincare could result in detrimental reactions that change the appearance of skin. Using genetically modified plant species involves mixing or adding proteins that are not indigenous to the original plant. The foreign genes in GMO’s added to existing genes can create new characteristics in the species resulting in allergic reactions that may cause skin inflammation, pimples, rashes or even chronic acne. 

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